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Detroit Dark Red Beets  Seeds-Organic, seed, Urban Farm Diva, Farms Market, GMO Free,
Detroit Dark Red Beets Seeds
Detroit Dark Red Beets ( 56 days)

Detroit Dark Red beet is an old time heirloom favorite dating back to 1892. Gardeners today still contend this is their favorite variety for a dependable root harvest.

Detroit Dark Red produced 3" round beets perfect for canning or table use. This beet has a truly sweet flavor with a fine grade texture that will surely please most palates.

Detroit Dark Red tops are a great spinach substitute in salads, although we prefer other varieties for their tops. This beet is the star performer for its wonderful root. Detroit Dark Red is cold hardy, and seeds can germinate and grow in soil temperatures as low as 40 degrees.

1936 James Seed Catalog says...
"An excellent strain of this all-purpose Beet which will suit the most critical gardener. The roots are smooth and almost true globe shape, with small tops. The flesh is dark red, tender and sweet. Not as early as Egyptian, but stands hot weather better and is a better keeper. Plant in mellow ground from earliest Spring until late in June, thin to about 3 inches and at all times keep soil well cultivated."

Detroit Dark Red makes an excellent canning variety. For pickling, Detroit Dark Red is hard to beat as well.

Detroit Dark Red beet has long been touted as a long keeper in root cellars. It is mentioned in Mike & Nancy Bubel's book on Root Cellaring as having an outstanding storage life.
4 g (~200 seeds)

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